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Cook precisely and efficiently with Tripod. Its hang chain allows for customizable heat levels, just like your stove at home. Whether you need a simmer or a boil, Tripod’s got you covered.

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Ultimate Stability

Tripod’s tapered legs allow for extra stability. Simply push into the ground to cook each meal with ease. With its 304 Stainless Steel material, no matter how windy your Tripod will remain sturdy.

Adjustable Heat

Tripod is equipped with an adjustable hang chain that allows for customizable heat levels. You can avoid charred accidents and create only good with Tripod’s unique features.


Many of your Solo Stove Camp Stoves and Pots work perfectly with Tripod including Pot 900, 1800, 4000, and 2 Pot Set. Their hang bails hook right onto Tripod so no matter how you travel, you never have to miss out on a meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a Tripod?

Tripods add a new dimension to outdoor cooking. Achieve a simmer or keep food warm.

What pots work with the Tripod?

The Solo Stove Pot 1800 and 2 Pot Set both have hang bails and work well with the Tripod.

What stoves work well with the Tripod?

The Solo Stove Titan and Campfire work well with this tripod.

Is this Tripod sturdy?

It’s extremely sturdy when set up on soft ground. With tapered legs, the tripod can be pushed into the ground for added stability.

How high should I hang my pot over my stove?

It depends what you’re trying to do. With an adjustable chain, you can hang your pot right on top of your stove for more heat or higher to achieve a simmer or to keep food warm.

How long does it take to assemble?

Assembly takes approximately 20 minutes (it helps if you have a partner to assist).

Does this Tripod come with a stuff sack?

Yep! The stuff sack is a great way to keep your Tripod together.


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