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Surround Shelter

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Surround Shelter

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Surround Shelter is designed to protect your Fire Pit Surround from rain, snow, and dust, season after season.

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Constructed from a premium UV-resistant fabric and lined with water-resistant PVC, Surround Shelter protects your Fire Pit Surround from all-season debris.

Dimensions & Materials

Ranger | Bonfire Surround Shelter 

  • Diameter: 42.5 in | 108 cm
  • Total Height: 20.8 in | 52.83cm

Yukon | Canyon Surround Shelter

  • Diameter: 54.1in | 137.4 cm
  • Total Height: 20.8 in | 52.83 cm

Frequently Asked Questions

What material is Surround Shelter made of?

Surround Shelter is made of a solution-dyed outdoor-rated fabric, and lined with a PVC coating for water resistance.

Is Surround Shelter weather-resistant?

Yes. You can store your Fire Pit Surround outside with Surround Shelter and it will stay protected from the natural elements, maintaining its beauty for years to come.

Can I store my Fire Pit Surround outside with Surround Shelter?

Yes. Surround Shelter will protect your Fire Pit Surround from heavy winds, excessive moisture, and extreme heat.

Is Surround Shelter a tight fit?

Yes, Surround Shelter is designed to fit your Fire Pit Surround perfectly. Make sure you select the correct Surround Shelter for either the Bonfire/Ranger or Yukon/Canyon.

How do I clean it?

Warm, soapy water and a soft cloth are all you need to make your Surround Shelter as good as new. Gently wipe off any dirt or grime with the dampened cloth, and allow to air dry.

Will my Surround Shelter fade in direct sunlight?

Surround Shelter is constructed with UV-resistant fabric and will resist fading for an extended period of time. If left in constant, direct sunlight, Shelter will begin to fade more quickly.

Can I place Surround Shelter on the Fire Pit Surround before my fire is out?

No. Never leave your fire pit unattended while in use or while cooling down. Do not attempt to cover your fire pit with Surround Shelter until the fire pit has completely cooled off.

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