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Crumpled newspaper won’t start a fire in the rain. Now, there’s an easier way to warm up in inclement weather.

Enjoy these non-toxic, 100% recycled hardwood starters as a safe and efficient way to get a roaring flame in minutes.

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The Starter That Goes Anywhere

Perfect for the trail or the backyard, Starter Packs are reliable, fast, and durable. All you need is one match-- Starter Packs will light every time they come in contact with a flame. Store them for up to 30 years, and always at a safe distance from any heat sources.

Just like your mailman, these starters can hold up to rain, sleet, and snow while producing a continuous burn time of up to ten minutes. Even if you catch yourself in the rain, you and your fire pit don’t have to worry about being left in the cold.

“I remember when my grandma used to make starters out of paraffin wax and they would take hours upon hours to finish. These little guys are way more simple and easy to use, but still got my fire started just as easily, even in the RAIN. It stayed lit for about 9 minutes and put out a nice flame to catch all of the other wood ablaze. I’d highly recommend.” Ty

Starter Packs are non-toxic, earth-friendly, and weather-proof. Made of paraffin wax, these starters are a safe way to start fires that can reach over a foot tall. Simply light the corner and the Starter Pack will do the rest.

Starter Packs are food safe. Use them on the trail to light your fire pit or camping stove, or with the Grill during your next cookout!

Product Specs

Each Starter Pack is made of 100% paraffin wax packaged in flammable plastic

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Solo Stove Starters made of?

Solo Stove Starters are made with 100% natural, renewable hardwood.

Can I use them in any Solo Stove?

Solo Stove Starters are made to be used in any Solo Stove, camp stove, fire pit, or grill. They're perfect to use with wood or charcoal-based fires.

Are they safe to cook over in my Solo Stove Grill?

Solo Stove Starters are Non-Toxic and Pet-safe.

Are Solo Stove Starters water-resistant?


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