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Silicone Mat + Grips

Solo Stove

Silicone Mat + Grips

CA $59.99

Open fire cooking essentials perfected for safety. Mat + Grips are high-heat resistant and super durable companions for any good moment made with Cast Iron Cooktops. 

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Grooved interior and a universal fit give Grips a secure and accessible hold. Unlike conventional oven mitts made of cloth, Mat + Grips maintain their peak heat resistance when in wet– or greasy– conditions.


Food-grade silicone and heat-resistant up to 450°F (232°C), Mat + Grips are perfectly in tune with every need of the open-fire cooking chef.

Long Lasting 

Custom-molded for seamless construction and easy to clean, you can count on Mat + Grips to last a lifetime of delicious recipes and shared meals.

Cooking System

Mat + Grips are part of a well-oiled machine made for creating good moments. Trailside suppers and flame-to-table feasts are possible with your Fire Pit Cooking System, or use with the Pi Pizza Oven for the perfect pizza.


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