Ranger Hub

Ranger Hub

CA $139.99

Open Fire Cooking, Elevated. Hub Is The Perfect Adapter, Allowing Ranger To Become Your Go-To Tool For A Safe And Intentional Cooking Experience Over An Open Flame.

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Hub turns searing-hot flames into the softened heat for perfectly cooked treats and eats. A slight lift with a stable fit places your Cast Iron Cooktops at the ideal height to endure the signature heat of Ranger.


Cleverly designed with portability in mind, everything from packing to assembly is effortless, so you can focus on the trip of a lifetime or crafting wood-fired fare. Nested within Ranger, Hub stores well and goes anywhere.

Long Lasting

Deep-drawn from 304 stainless steel, the seamless construction has all the strength and durability of Ranger to last a lifetime.

Ranger Cooking System

Hub is part of a well-oiled machine made for creating good moments. Trailside suppers and flame-to-table feasts are possible with Ranger, Cast Iron Cooktops, and accessories to complete the experience.