Pot 4000

Pot 4000

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Pot 4000 is the perfect Campfire pair you’ll need for outdoor cooking. Whip up a hot and hearty family meal on the go in minutes, and when you’re done, you can store your campfire inside with ease.  

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Feed your entire family with a pot that can feed more than six people at a time. Its
namesake means this pot can hold up to 4000 mL. That means you can enjoy more than just granola and oatmeal when you’re on the go.

Volume Markings

You don’t have to complicate your trip with more supplies. Pot 4000 comes with ounce and milliliter markings so you can cook accurately and with ease. Measure your meals for tasty new memories you can share.

The Perfect Partner

Pot 4000 was created to be the perfect partner for your Solo Stove accessories. Conveniently hang your pot over any fire with Tripod or, for a quicker meal, place Pot 4000 on top of Campfire. You can cook accurately and efficiently for hearty, uninterrupted good no matter what you choose.


Pot 4000 is the perfect size for compact storage and convenient transport. After you’ve crafted the ideal meal, simply nest your Campfire inside of Pot and adventure on with ease.

Product Dimensions

6.1 Inches Tall, 5.6 Inches Wide

Frequently Asked Questions

What Stove does this pot work with?

This is the companion pot for the Solo Stove Campfire. The Solo Stove Campfire can actually nest inside this pot for compact storage.

What is it called Solo Stove Pot 4000?

It holds a maximum of 4000ml – that’s where the 4000 comes from.

Is stainless steel better than aluminum?

While there aren’t any directly negative health benefits to eating from aluminum, our 304 stainless steel is sure to resist everyday outdoor wear and tear, lasting you a long time.

Does this pot come with a stuff sack?

Yep! The stuff sack is a great way to keep your pot protected and the rest of your pack clean.


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