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Pi Stainless Turner 2.0

Solo Stove

Pi Stainless Turner 2.0

CA $79.99

Stainless Turner 2.0 is an upgrade to your pizza-making toolbox. The turner’s extra-long handle gives you more distance from the heat, while a wider peel allows you to easily retrieve larger pizzas from the oven.

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Quality Materials

The Stainless Turner 2.0 is made with materials that are built to last. The bamboo handle is lightweight and durable, while the 304 stainless steel is rust resistant.

Upgraded Design

From pizza turning to storage, Stainless Turner 2.0 is designed to make cooking over a fire easy. The long turner handle keeps you away from intense heat, and a wider peel allows you to retrieve larger pizzas, while the leather hanging strap makes it easy to store after pizza night.

Lifetime Warranty

While designed and engineered to last, you can always rest easy knowing your turner is backed by a lifetime warranty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is assembly required?

No assembly is required.

Can I store the Stainless Turner 2.0 outdoors?

Yes, but we recommend keeping it covered or protected from the elements.

Does this product come with a lifetime warranty?

Yes, all Solo Stove products are guaranteed by our industry-leading lifetime warranty. Now that’s pizza mind!

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