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Juniper Aromatic Firewood

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Juniper Aromatic Firewood

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Load up your fire pit with the fuel it deserves. Indulge in nights teeming with the sound of crackling wood and pillowing smells of sweet softwood. Custom cut for all fire pits, all you’ll have to do is pile them in your fire pit and ignite.

Minimum quantity of 2. Please note that this is a final sale item.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much wood is included in the bundle?

Each Juniper firewood bundle is a convenient power pack of 6-8 logs equalling 0.5 cubic feet of firewood.

How big are the logs?

The logs are pre-cut to 10-12" long and 3-6" wide (25-30 cm long and 7-15 cm wide), making them a perfect fit for your fire pit.

How many do I need for my Fire Pit?

Because the Fire Pits are all different sizes, they will all take a different amount of wood.

Bonfire: 4-6 logs, add more as needed
Ranger: 3-4, add more as needed
Yukon: 6-8 logs, add more as needed

Be sure to not let your logs protrude past the top vent holes for an optimal burn.

Will the aroma affect my secondary burn?

Nope! You can enjoy both the sweet smell of Juniper and a smokeless fire without sacrificing either. The key to secondary burn is creating an ember bed that’ll efficiently warm up those inner walls. Read up on how to prepare your Fire Pit here!


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