Solo Stove

Infrared Thermometer

Solo Stove

Infrared Thermometer

CA $59.99

Point, press, and read with precision. Maintaining the flame doesn’t have to be a guessing game, get it right the first time with Infrared Thermometer.

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Measure your cooktop or Pi pizza oven at a safe distance with the touchless-read ability of the infrared temperature gauge. And with the laser-assisted guide, your aim is true every time.


Your prep was meticulous from cast iron seasoning to pre-heating– keep aiming for the best with a perfectly calibrated instrument that produces effective, easy-to-read measurements for freezing or flaming temperatures.

For Use With Solo Stove Line

Infrared Thermometer is part of a well-oiled machine made for creating good moments. Trailside suppers and flame-to-table feasts are possible with your Fire Pit Cooking System, or Solo Stove Pi.


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