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Fire Pit Pellet Adapter

Solo Stove

Fire Pit Pellet Adapter

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Optimize your fire pit for a pellet-fueled burn and turn it into the ultimate dual-fuel backyard centerpiece.

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Pour Them On. Light Them Up.

Pellets are easy to light, source, and store. They offer a consistently smokeless, low-maintenance, and stoke-free burn for 2+ hours on a single fill. With little to no sparks or popping, pellets burn cleanly and provide warmth for everyone to enjoy for hours.

Easy To Use

Using the integrated handle, the removable adapter nests on the current 1.0 and 2.0 base plate, allowing you to convert your Solo Stove from a hardwood burn to a pellet burn in a snap. Light up your fire starters and achieve a beautiful secondary burn within 15 minutes.

Easy To Use

Using the integrated handle, the removable adapter nests on the current 1.0 and 2.0 base plate, allowing you to convert your Solo Stove from a hardwood burn to a pellet burn in a snap. Light up your fire starters and achieve a beautiful secondary burn within 15 minutes.

More Airflow

Pellet Adapter features vent holes designed to prevent pellets from dropping into the ash pan until they’ve burned through. This minimizes waste and keeps your pellet-fueled fire burning bright and beautiful for longer.

Built To Last

Like all Solo Stove products, Pellet Adapter is built for the long haul and includes a lifetime warranty. Its strong, rigid stainless steel design and support ridges are built to stand up to the intense heat of a smokeless flame for years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions

How long will a fire pit full of pellets burn?

You can expect approximately 2 hours of burn time from a fire pit full of pellets. Depending on the type of pellets you use, this time can be extended or decreased slightly. Hardwood pellets will burn for slightly longer, while softwood pellets will burn more quickly.

Be sure that your fire pit is completely cooled before leaving it unattended. After the flames die down, the fire pit will still be hot to the touch.

Do I need to fill my fire pit to the top in order to achieve a secondary burn?

No, you don’t! Pellets provide an even and consistent burn, meaning you can achieve a smokeless, secondary flame with only a few inches of pellets in your pit.

Will pellets always burn for 2+ hours?

The duration of your fire will depend on the amount of pellets you put into your fire pit. If you fill your pit to the top (about 1” below the secondary burn holes), you will have flames for 2+ hours. If you want to have a shorter fire, simply add fewer pellets. ½ the number of pellets will burn for approximately half the time.

What is the max capacity of pellets in each fire pit?

Pellets can be added until they are 1 inch below the secondary burn holes on the interior of the fire pit. Feel free to add fewer pellets if you’d like a shorter burn.

Ranger - 25 lbs
Bonfire - 45 lbs
Yukon - 77 lbs
Canyon - 94 lbs

What kinds of pellets can I use with my fire pit pellet adapter?

You can burn virtually any type of wood pellet in your Solo Stove Fire Pit with Pellet Adapter. Each type of pellet will provide a different experience and can influence your purchasing decision.

Heating pellets are designed to be used as fuel only, and should not be cooked over. They are typically made of softwoods and will burn at a slightly quicker pace.

Hardwood pellets (like Solo Stove’s Premium Wood Fuel Pellets) are a great option and will burn beautifully. If you want to roast s’mores or hot dogs, make sure that your hardwood pellets are food-safe.

Pellet grill smoking pellets can also be used to burn with the Pellet Adapter.

Softwood Pellets are typically made of a variety of softwoods such as pine and/or fir. These pellets can contain binders and additives, but can still be burned efficiently with the Pellet Adapter. These pellets should not be used for any cooking.

Can I use my other Solo Stove accessories when I’m burning pellets?

Absolutely! The pellet adapter sits on top of the base plate and will not interfere with any accessories placed on top of the fire pit.

If using Pi Fire or Cast Iron Cooktops, ensure that your pellets are food safe. Additionally, do not place your Cast Iron Cooktop or Pi Fire on the fire pit until the secondary burn and flame height begins to decrease. It’s recommended to use Mini Oak Firewood, or other small wood chunks, to maintain heat after the pellets have burned down.

Will I get a secondary burn with pellets?

Yes, you will! When using the pellet adapter in your fire pit you can expect to get a beautiful secondary burn within 15 minutes of lighting your starters (depending on how many starters you use.) With a full fire pit, this secondary burn can last for 2 hours regardless of the size of your fire pit.

How do I clean the pellet adapter?

After your fire pit has cooled completely, remove the pellet adapter using the integrated handle, and dump the ashes into a fire-safe bin. If there is residue on the adapter afterward, use a stiff bristle brush to clear away any debris.

How many fire starters should I use to start my pellet fire?

Feel free to use as many fire starters as you feel necessary. The following quantities, evenly spaced around the opening of the fire pit, produced a secondary burn within 15 minutes of lighting them:

Ranger - 4 Starters

Bonfire - 5 Starters

Yukon- 6 Starters

Canyon - 7 Starters

My fire blew out and is super smoky, how can I fix this?

Pellet fires are more prone to being blown out from gusts of wind. This is rare, but can occur. If this happens while your fire is lit, there will immediately be an intense cloud of smoke. If this happens to you, take a long-stem lighter, light it, then place it near the secondary burn holes near the top of your fire pit, and let the smoke ignite. This will clear out the smoke and reignite your fire quickly.

How do I add pellets to my fire?

It’s important not to add too many pellets at a time, as this could suffocate your flame and cause your fire to smoke and be extinguished. Use a small garden shovel to add 2-3 cups of pellets at a time, sprinkling them evenly across the opening of the fire pit.

Be sure to add pellets while there is still a secondary flame. Adding pellets after the fire has gotten too low will cause the newly added pellets to smoke and not light correctly.

Can I use pellets and wood at the same time?

Yes, you can! After inserting your pellet adapter, fill your fire pit with 3-4 inches of pellets, place starters evenly around the top of them, and light the starters. Add pieces of firewood as needed after your fire achieves secondary burn (or about 10-15 minutes).


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