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Bonfire Handle

Solo Stove

Bonfire Handle

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The perfect carry. Move your Bonfire from backyard to backcountry with one fluid motion for simple and seamless transitions.

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The Perfect Carry!

Solo Stove Handle locks into place inside your Bonfire to take it wherever you want it to be.

Solo Stove Handle’s ingenious, angled design allows you to pick up and carry your Bonfire in a single, seamless motion using only one hand. Just lock the front-bumper rod into any secondary burn hole and lift. The back bumper will press against the inside wall of your fire pit firmly, but with enough flexibility to absorb motion as you walk. Solo Stove Handle can lock into place in any secondary burn hole, no matter which way you approach your fire pit.

“Handle is a one, two, and done. It’s so easy. I love how it keeps my hands and clothes from getting dirty when moving my fire pit. Plus, it’s so much better for my back. We use our Solo Stove all around the yard depending on how many people are over. The Handle lets us move it with ease. It also makes picking it up and putting it in the storage bag easy!” — Kara B.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it angled?

Solo Stove Handle has an angled design to provide a clean pickup motion. The angle is the simplest and strongest way to create a firm hold inside your fire pit.

Can two people use Solo Stove Handle to carry their fire pit?

Solo Stove Handle is designed to allow one person to carry their Ranger, Bonfire, or Yukon.

Do I need to remove the flame ring from my fire pit before using Solo Stove Handle?

You can use Solo Stove Handle with or without your fire pit’s flame ring in place.

Can I carry wood inside my fire pit with the Solo Stove Handle?

Solo Stove Handle isn’t designed to transform your fire pit into a bucket. But it’s perfect to carry a bit of leftover wood and spent ash.

How do I clean it?

You can clean Solo Stove Handle with mild dishwashing soap and a little water.

After a fire, how long do I have to wait to use my Solo Stove Handle?

Solo Stove Handle is to be used when your fire pit is completely cool.


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