Solo Stove

Alcohol Burner

Solo Stove

Alcohol Burner

CA $29.99

You shouldn’t let anything stand in your way on your next adventure. Alcohol Burner is the perfect backup fuel option for when you’re in a pinch. Its trinket-like design features a flame regulator and the perfect place to store your fuel.

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Easy To Use

Alcohol Burner is the perfect fuel replacement for your camp stove. Simply fill it with denatured alcohol and place it inside to ignite a bright and lasting flame.

No Smoke

Alcohol Burner avoids all the pesky smoke that typically comes with burning wood. Burn the same white-hot flame in minutes with ease.

Flame Regulator

Alcohol Burner features a twist-top flame regulator that allows you to control your fire. Whether you need less heat, or you need to “re-kindle” your fire, the flame regulator’s intuitive build will get you exactly what you need

Easily Adaptable

Whether you own a Bonfire, Ranger, Yukon, or Canyon, Surround’s configurable support brackets ensure your fire pit is in the correct position for maximum enjoyment.