Solo Stove

16" Bamboo Peel

Solo Stove

16" Bamboo Peel

CA $59.99

Solo Stove’s 16” Bamboo Peel is a tool all pizzaiolos need in their pizza toolbox. Crafted with an innovative stainless steel tip, our 16” Bamboo Peel is designed to prep, launch, and serve up to 16-inch pizzas.

Currently, 16” Bamboo Peel is only compatible with Pi Fire Yukon 27” and Canyon (formerly Yukon 30”) pizza ovens.

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Bamboo peels are the workhorse in your pizza-making toolbox. From start to finish, your bamboo peel touches each step in the prep, launch, and serve process. Don’t have a pizza party without the 16” Bamboo Peel in your back pocket.

Upgraded Design

16" Bamboo Peel is an upgrade in both size and functionality. At 16.3 inches wide, this pizza peel handles up to 16-inch pizzas. An innovative stainless steel tip keeps the peel tip from cracking and burning, while a leather loop makes it easy to hang your peel.

Lifetime Warranty

While designed and engineered to last, you can always rest easy knowing our industry-leading lifetime warranty backs your 16” Bamboo Peel.


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